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In this session led by artists Daniel Lehan and Catalina Bauer, families from St John the Divine, St Marks and Herbert Morrison primary schools explored notions of friendship, interaction and collaboration.

Could various approaches to making art convey ‘friendship as a consequence that everyone can see?’ In email exchanges leading up to the workshop Lehan and Bauer shared an interest in exploring how participants would respond to a proposal to 'create a space- a time for yourself, by working together'.

During the workshop, the group used a slogan wall to express thoughts on the nature of their own friendships, describing how they begin, develop and change over time. Through this process, participants started to investigate what it's like to meet new people and then work together to create new artwork. The collaboration in Gasworks' education studio resulted in building a den-like structure - a type of space normally associated with hiding places and safe havens; but also with places where experiences and conversations can be shared.

This collective activity sought to make visible the social experience of participating in the workshop, of meeting new people in unfamiliar environments and of working collaboratively through the production of a temporary shared site.