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Artist Lucy Steggals devised and led workshops with families from Herbert Morrison, St John the Divine and St Marks Primary schools. Taking Gasworks’ exhibition All I Can See is the Management as the initial departure point Steggals invited participants to consider their daily routines focusing on the furniture and physical spaces found in their school, domestic and work environments.

Using the chair as a central motif to connect these different contexts, participants considered how furniture, and the design of institutional or domestic spaces each have their own protocol of design that influences the behaviour of those within these spaces. Participants shared personal reflections of these various constructed spaces through play, assembled chair sculptures, various mapping tasks reimagining different uses for everyday furniture, and rearranging the education studio to function as a formal, institutional space and informal home environments.

The workshops also explored the familiar monobloc chair. Made of cheap, plastic materials and used for its durability and flexibility of use, the monobloc has become an item of design found in multiple contexts, in all part of the world. Participants reimagined different ‘identities’, personas and uses for the monobloc chair.