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 1- 5pm

Location: Tate Britain

Embrace the Place is a Tate Local event, produced by home live art in collaboration with Tate Britain. The event will run in partnership with City West Homes 'Great Communities Day', which will be taking place in and around the Tate site and the streets & estates adjacent to Tate Britain.

Members of the Gasworks' intergenerational Peer-Group have been working with the Education programme and artist Albert Potrony to develop a series of interventions throughout this day long event. Join us at parking bay 27 to see how our ideas have developed, and to see areas of the gallery normally not accessible to the public.

The project is informed by a wide range of local histories, passions and aspirations and will host a series of artists' interventions delivered in partnership with local communities, that explore and enliven spaces and places around Tate Britain: from a series interactive of 'Mini Urban Parks' created in parking bays by up to 15 artists & groups, to an alternative hanging garden by Andrew Kearney, a display of outlandish man-powered vehicles by Francis Thorburn to music by bicycle-powered DJ's Magnificent Revolution and live folk from the award-winning Magpie's Nest.

Artists/participants include: 815 Agency, Abake Andrea Mason, Andrew Kearney, Barby Asante & Caroline Christie & Sofia Wennerstroms, Beaconsfield, Encounters, Fergus Drenan & Invisible Food, Francis Thorburn, Gasworks, Linda Florence, Lisa Cheung & Avant Gardening, Magnificent Revolution, Magpie's Nest, Miche Fabre Lewin, Nic Green, Nu Urban Gardeners, Open Age Hub & Michael Needham, Somewhere, Subject to Chang


Embrace the Place