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Preparatory model made by St Stephen's CofE Primary School 

Students from St Stephen’s CofE Primary School invite the public to play within an oversized ‘game’ that they will create in Gasworks’ gallery space.

The event encourages audiences to playfully negotiate a series of questions and answers devised by the students as they make their way through a maze like construction. Through this activity, the work invites and challenges audiences to take part in a form of active participation through games, quizzes and art making.

Also on display will be the work made in the run up to this final event. It will include clay models and drawings made throughout the research phase of the project, which included a visit to Gasworks where students worked in Gasworks’ education space and visited current residency artist Christina Kral’s studio.

Find Your Voice is a new project devised and led by Pedro Lopes, Art Coordinator at St Stephen’s CofE Primary School. The project has an emphasis on creating a platform for collaborative art practice, and creating a space for creative exchange and dialogue between artists, pupils, teachers and the local community.