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Year 10 pupils from Lilian Baylis Technology School have taken part in a scriptwriting and filmmaking project in part response to The Disabled Avant-Garde Today! the collaborative exhibition by Aaron Williamson and Katherine Araniello.

Over the course of four workshops the pupils explored issues around codes of behaviour and how self-presentation can be constructed. The project incorporated elements of performance, video, sound and text. Pupils worked in teams to practise the various stages of filmmaking and scriptwriting by developing characters, performing, operating video cameras and using sound recording equipment. Through practical workshops the group of 22 pupils learned about the different forms and uses of language in filmmaking; from body language and vernacular to subtitles and voiceovers.

The outcome of this project is a series of short films where the visuals, sound and subtitles each play out a different interpretation of the script. Each film has been carefully edited to create humorous and poignant portrayals of appropriate behaviour from a teenage point of view.