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 Families from Herbert Morrison, St John the Divine and St Marks Primary Schools joined artist Howard Matthew for a day-long workshop looking at Hydrarchy: Power and Resistance at Sea.

Examining Melanie Jackson’s installation The Undesirables (2007), the group investigated this intricate paper cut-out installation charting the story of the container ship MSC Napoli, whose containers were washed up onto Branscombe beach in 2007. As the containers washed up on the beach, the media announced that maritime legislation declared the ship's content common property and therefore, free for the public to take. While people rushed to help themselves to items as varied as BMW motorbikes, shampoo bottles and trainers, the authorities and the right wing media became increasingly hostile to this modern day scavenging.

Working together, each family listed the different activities they enjoyed engaging in together - such as days out, trips to the seaside and holidays abroad. Families then created their own paper cut-outs, appropriating Jackon's approach of working with paper, but working large scale instead of the small-scale method used by Jackson.

Drawing around each other's outlines to create life size cut-outs, the pieces continually changed and developed over the course of the day as the families responded to new ideas and techniques of drawing and transferring images. The final result of the day's work was a tableaux of images depicting each family's shared hobbies and pastimes as a collective group.