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Continuing the ‘Even Better Together’ programme funded by the BIG Lottery Fund, artist Albert Potrony led two days of free arts workshops at Gasworks in collaboration with Archbishop Sumner, St Marks and St John the Divine Primary schools. Families from these local schools were invited to spend the day exploring the exhibitions at Gasworks and making artwork collaboratively.

Tuesday 10th November 2009

Guided by Albert, the families explored AADIEU ADIEU APA (GOODBYE GOODBYE FATHER) – the exhibition at Gasworks by Olivia Plender. Following a discussion of Plender's work and looking at her warnings of 'false representations of wooden nutmegs and painted pink hams’ the family groups worked together to make sculptures of realistic but fake objects including watermelon slices, carrots, strawberries and eggs.

The group then photographed the sculptures and each family created their poster to warn the public about these realistic but fake objects. The posters were exhibited in the gallery space as well as later on at St John the Divine primary school.

Wednesday 2nd December

This workshop was inspired by Do You Remember Olive Morris? - an exhibition that traces artist Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre's research into the legacy of this remarkable woman.

Albert began the workshop by inviting the families to remember and draw an early memory from childhood- their first toy which were then added to a giant timeline on the education studio walls. After discussing the project time-line in Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre's exhibition, the families created their own time-lines, tracing memorable moments such as the birth of a brother, a marriage proposal, a trip abroad or the tragic death of a pet.

The group then created artworks to represent these key moments, adding them to the collective time-line. Everyone then thought about the future and how it can be improved. These ideas included gardens for everyone to grow their own vegetables and reduce climate change, helping the countries that are in need by supporting them and developing beds that can change into different shapes and colours so everyone sleeps properly.

The group discussed these ideas and chose themes to campaign for just as Olive Morris would have done. After picking the issues that each family felt passionate about including ‘seatbelts on buses’ the families made banners to take to the streets. The workshop culminated in a demonstration from Gasworks to the Oval.