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This session, led by artist Abbie Hunt, explored how working in partnership on Even Better Together has created a network of families working with Gasworks to explore contemporary art. The workshop invited project partners and professionals working in family learning to explore how Gasworks' open ended, process-led approach can facilitate informal learning, interaction and collaboration.

Working in the gallery space surrounded by the current exhibition of family artworks, the session initiated a dialogue focusing on the benefits and challenges of working in together, learning from each other's backgrounds and exploring the needs of local audiences. A series of collaborative mapping exercises prompted an exchange of varied themes in family learning, acknowledging the collective aspirations the group shared.

This session was the second in a series of events which seek to generate an informed, shared and collective way forward working with local audiences. Pooling resources, experiences and expertise, these sessions provide an ideal opportunity to meet, reflect and look forward, identifying how Even Better Together can further develop as a progressive informal learning model.