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During February half term families participated in 2 days of free art workshops, continuing the Even Better Together programme. These fun and informal sessions were devised and led by Albert Potrony.

Tuesday 16th February

Inspired by Tim Etchells' video piece Art Flavours families took part in an inventive workshop entitled 'Club Sandwich'. Exploring the themes in Etchells' work of translating art concepts into edible flavours of ice cream, Albert invited participants to create food based artworks that represented personal memories in the form of creatively combined flavours.

Starting with their chosen memory, families worked together to find ways of describing these past events, with their attached emotions and contexts, transforming them into the edible art form of a sandwich. Adapting the education room into a food preparation area and wearing hair nets, aprons and gloves, participants worked collaboratively to develop their own art flavours. Combinations included banana, chives and cucumber to represent a sweet and salty memory by the sea, and broken up crisps, apple and strawberries to represent a cold day in the snow with a minor accident entitled ‘falling down penguin sandwich’.

Writing instruction cards for their recipes alongside their food, participants shared their creations, interviewing and filming each other about the ideas, inspirations and memories contained within their sandwiches.

Wednesday 17th February

Looking again at Etchells' exhibition, families discussed and investigated ideas of transformation, repetition and adaptation. Responding to City Changes, a text based piece exploring the manipulation of language over an ongoing narrative, families created visual interpretations of these themes using shape, colour and texture. Each family group made a series of shapes using paints, wool, string and various collage material, later to be combined with all the shapes made in the workshop. As each individual piece was added to the evolving work, families witnessed the transformation of their individual work into a collaborative effort, creating their own response to Etchell's piece in the exhibition space.

Even Better Together is an ongoing programme of free art workshops organised by Gasworks. The workshops, designed by artists and inspired by Gasworks' programmes of exhibitions, residencies and events, are an opportunity for families to make art and learn together.

For more information contact Katie Orr on 020 7091 1633 or email