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Gasworks and Stockwell Park High School have worked in partnership to deliver a Film Academy, open to year nine pupils at the school as part of a programme of after school activities. The ten week project, led by artist David Blandy, responded to the schools' own major redevelopment by inviting the pupils to examine and document their own experience of their school environment as it was literally knocked down and reassembled around them.

Running alongside the exhibition at Gasworks called  A Long Time Between Suns by the Otolith Group, the Film Academy engaged pupils with complex ideas around the past, present and future, while also borrowing from techniques and approaches employed by Blandy in his own practice. The Film Academy also included a session with visiting artist Cinthia Marcelle. With the mutual involvement of the Art, English and Media departments at the school, the project supported a genuinely cross-curricular education for the pupils taking part.

By appropriating archival resources and creating new video footage, pupils wove their own semi-fictional narratives into a science fiction movie which stands as a lasting meditation on the changes taking place at their school. Over the course of the ten weeks, pupils' developed their skills in storyboarding, recording and editing and while considering their personal experiences and relationships to school's architecture.

To launch the completed film, there will be a special screening at Gasworks in September 2009 as well as an INSET session detailing the successes of the Film Academy and the benefits of collaborative project working and cross curricular learning.