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Artist Howard Matthew led a 4 week series of workshops with families from Vauxhall and Ethelred Children’s Centres, exploring ways to develop moving images.

The workshops were inspired by Ben White and Eileen Simpson’s reworking of Struggle in Jerash, the first feature film made in Jordan in 1957. Made by a group of amateur film enthusiasts who wrote, acted, filmed and built their own camera equipment, the film was an attempt to kick-start an independent film industry in Jordan. In response Howard Matthew encouraged families to explore different ways to make their own films, inspired by the adventurous and ambitious ethos of the Jordanian filmmakers.

Techniques employed in the workshops included projecting onto large-scale screens and creating small, intimate den-like environments, resulting in an immersive experience of being 'inside' moving images. Other methods included working with A4 clear acetate and colour gels creating DIY film negatives, which made up a reel of imagery which could be passed in over an overhead projector, resulting in a lo-fi film projection. The families also appeared within the films while large, rolling backgrounds were seen moving behind.

Volunteer workshop assistants- Gemma Walker and Caroline D’Souza.