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Combining short film screenings, a performative lecture and workshop, artist Lucy Steggals presents the second in a series of events that explore notions of play, and her preoccupation with the extent we allow ourselves to be playful in day-to-day life. During the event, Steggals invites people to join her as she shares her research into carousels and their ability to create playful experiences.

A reoccurring pattern in Steggals' work is her interest in seeking out situations where informal conversations can unfold into playful encounters. Excited by the possibilities presented by generating research through shared experiences with others, Steggals often initiates conversations that informs and underpins how her projects develop, influenced by the different interactions that have taken place.

This event is part of an evolving project that expands on initial research undertaken while Steggals was on a fellowship with Triangle Network partner Insakartists Trust, Zambia. During her fellowship Steggals sought out instances where making and playing were intimately connected with a series of films showing dice being made, games with stones being played and tree swings being constructed and used. Working with Gasworks’ Even Better Together programme on her return to London, Steggals worked with a group of local residents to further explore ideas of play and being playful.

As this enquiry continues, Steggals will initiate further meeting points to explore these interests, refining her specific interest areas whilst the project gradually gains momentum over time.