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12 - 1pm: Niccolò Moronato Star Survey Workshop
Capacity: 15-20 people 
During a highly interactive, conversational workshop experience you’ll be invited to draw your own imaginations upon random patterns taken from the Trappist sky. This will culminate in a group projection and discussion to establish what figures we shall elevate to the rank of constellations in this unknown environment, and ultimately create one of many possible alternative firmaments. The data collected will be added to the Archive of Potential Skies for later intervention.

During the day: Mati Jhurry Phone call 
Mati Jhurry is currently undertaking a durational covert performance; a long term commitment in which she works full-time as a cabin crew member for an international airline. During the Open Studio, Jhurry will check-in with the curatorial residents through video calls and share her experiences with the audience. The calls will reflect on the collapse of the boundaries between life and art in her travelings across countries while facing the demanding realities of her labour.

4-5pm: Helena Hunter Performance - Falling Birds
Helena Hunter will share a performative presentation from her recent work Falling Birds developed during her research residency in the Horniman Museum and Gardens in London. This performance traces the movements of the now extinct passenger pigeon, highlighting alternative ‘natural’ histories and hidden stories of how the movements of birds and humans interconnect over time, and how and why these connections matter. 

5pm: Gasworks Curatorial Residents & Romy Kießling Open invitation
Discuss and reflect on the project; and enjoy some drinks with the residents


Re: Over everything which exists under the sky is a collaborative and interdisciplinary project taking place at Gasworks from October 2018 to May 2019. A group of international curating students from the Royal College of Art has initiated the first curatorial residency at Gasworks to run alongside the institution’s long-established international artist residency programme. ​Over an eight-month period the curators-in-residence are transforming ​Gasworks’ Participation Space into a temporary research studio, questioning what it means to be a ​resident ​ in both the art world and the wider geopolitical context of restricted mobility.