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Gasworks Participatory Artists' Residency Programme is a ground-breaking programme funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and City Bridge Trust, which aims to provide opportunities for artists and migrant communities in Lambeth and Southwark to work together on collaborative projects.

Gasworks’ Participation Programme aims to widen access to contemporary art for its local community through interactive projects such as workshops, residencies, commissions and events over an annual 8-month participation residency.

Across the residency period the selected artist devises and leads a project in collaboration with migrant communities, fulfilling the organisations’ mission to support and offer opportunities for emerging artists to develop new and innovative work, and engaging local audiences with contemporary art.

The artist is supported by the Participation Advisory Board and Community Partners:

Latin American Youth Forum

Out and Proud African LGBTQ+ (OPAL)

Triangle Adventure Playground

Association of Latin American Parents (AMPLA)


Jacob V Joyce - Participation Artist 2018-2019

Artist Jacob V Joyce and evaluators FOTL (Future of the Left) worked with local migrant communities on a collaborative project over an 8 - 10 month period.

As part of the programme, FOTL developed a participation evaluation framework for Gasworks. FOTL is the collaborative artistic and research practice of Andrea Francke and Ross Jardine, it developed from a shared interest in administrative and policy-making structures, specifically their often overlooked but vital role within institutions.



The Alternative School of Economics - Participation Artists' 2019-2020

Artists Ruth Beale and Amy Feneck (The Alternative School of Economics) were selected as the next Participation Artists in Residence, and developed a project exploring feminist economics as part of Gasworks Participatory Residency Programme: Connecting Communities.

The artists initiated workshops and conversations between women-led groups, archives, campaign groups, academics and individuals identifying as women who are interested and actively involved in feminist economic projects, and the project will result in a series of podcasts. Ruth Beale and Amy Feneck, in collaboration with Social Broadcasts produced a podcast series True Currency: About Feminist Economics, featuring women’s voices that ask questions, make connections and share ideas based on their residency.

Ruth and Amy also worked closely with participation evaluators FOTL (Future of the Left) to develop an evaluation framework for the project.



InnerSwell - Participation Artists' 2021-2022

InnerSwell is a project by artists Laima Layton and Lexy Morvaridi, who over their residency developed a series of collaborations with people living in the vicinity of Gasworks. Their project explored memory and sound and is inspired by Pauline Oliveros’ pedagogy of Deep Listening, a process of 'listening to learn'. 

InnerSwell is informed by the collective power of community activism, localised ‘real politics’ of empowerment, and networks of support. It exists to amplify localised community work, offer experiences of the creative process, empower people to create and develop narratives through the use of sound. 

At the core of the practice is a framework that they call The Fertile Dome. This is an accessible physical and proverbial space in which Lexy and Laima provide the tools for people to create using sound as a medium for collaborative and narrative work. A fundamental component in the structure of this space is a practice they have developed, called The Ritual

Through a series of interventions - they encourage people to share stories, memories, ideas, and thoughts through provocations related to sound. This often forms the beginning of the creative process for participants and allows for discussion to develop and evolve into sonic possibilities. A major component in their work is recontextualising the past, in the present, through sound - The Ritual often becomes a catalyst for this process to start and can create a consensus conceptual discourse. 

As part of the residency at Gasworks they have been working with local community groups and space to document sonically their own importance as assets to the community, and their political value as places of agency and empowerment.