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Regular families who had previously participated in the Even Better Together sessions were invited to return for this 2-day project. Working with artist Howard Matthew, families responded to Hydrarchy: Power and Resistance at Sea.

The workshop focused on Melanie Jackson’s The Undesirables (2007). Exploring the installation and seeking clues from what they could see, families worked together to uncover the narrative of the cargo ship MSC Napoli as it was stricken off the English South coast and its containers were washed ashore.

Looking at the idea of lost and found treasures, the participants devised a series of films that developed a narrative based on objects sourced from a trip to the riverbank by Vauxhall Bridge earlier in the session. Choosing a found object, each family then developed an accompanying narrative for it, thinking about what it could have been, where it could have come from and who could have used or owned it.

Alongside the narratives, each object was recreated using different collage techniques. Once created, the treasure objects were combined with those done by the rest of the group and filmed with an accompanying sound track retelling the different narratives.

Volunteer workshop assistants: Fiona Flynn, Emily Dean, Liz Warrington, Victoria Pope and Debbie Herring