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Families from Henry Fawcett Primary School worked with artists Albert Potrony and Hannah Clayden to create a series of playful performances which explored the differences and commonalities in each family’s language, background and identity.   

By working away from a classroom environment the project provided project members with a creative space to share experiences, cultures and personal histories through making activities. Creating a workshop environment where each person’s different languages were actively invited, explored and celebrated offered an alternative approach to learning, and provided a rare opportunity for pupils and parents to develop their language acquisition through a series of playful exchanges with others. The project also enabled the school to gain a greater insight into those in its school community who negotiate multiple languages on a daily basis.


The project was devised by Jack Young, English as an Additional Language (EAL) Specialist at Henry Fawcett Primary School in dialogue with Katie Orr, Gasworks’ Participation Programmer. It builds upon both Gasworks’ work encompassed within its Even Better Together programming and the school’s ongoing outreach activities with families with English as an additional language.