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Local students have been collaborating with artists in a project which blurs fiction and reality. The students, aged 12 and 13, were inspired by the exhibition at Gasworks I saw the light by Lindsay Seers, in which the artist presents a fantastical yet convincing documentary about her life as a camera. Pupils from Archbishop Tenison's School have produced a series of digitally mediated pinhole photographs for their exhibition entitled Image in Me.

In a series of workshops led by artist Nilu Izadi and assisted by artist Romily Meredith, the students were encouraged to create characters and stories to be narrated through their images. The students were involved in every part of the process from making a 'pinhole' camera out of a cardboard box to developing their own prints. The students re-mastered the results in computer workshops led by multi-media expert Katherine Green of Red Leader Industries.

The result is a fascinating exhibition of images and narrative which together re-tell the intriguing and mysterious events unfolding on the photographs, from the gory to the surreal.