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Artists Abigail Hunt and Albert Potrony joined Katie Orr, Gasworks’ Participation Programme Coordinator in this conversation focusing on two long-running strands of Even Better Together; Multiple Voices and the intergenerational Peer Group.

Throughout the discussion each artist considers their approach to developing their practice within the platform created through Even Better Together and the complex and multiple contexts the programme sits in. The conversation reflects on where the lines of shared authorship are drawn between artist and participant, and Hunt and Potrony’s approaches in exploring notions of ‘structure’ that enable the unexpected to unfold in ways that parallel an artist’s exploratory intent. Through the conversation Hunt, Potrony and Orr ask to what extent the Peer Group and Multiple Voices can remain autonomous from the perceived need to define this work in ways that often underestimate the complexities of evolving collaborative practice, asking if it is possible to find an approach that can acknowledge some of the inherent tensions involved in this form of visual practice.

This transcript forms part of Talk is Cheap, the research strand of Gasworks’ long running Even Better Together programme. Through research projects, commissions, residencies and specially convened conversations, Talk is Cheap is a space within the programme for critical reflection and practice-based research into Gasworks’ participatory programming.