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Artists Sovay Berriman, Abigail Hunt, Matthew Krishanu, Albert Potrony and Lucy Steggals joined Katie Orr, Gasworks’ Participation Programme Coordinator in this conversation exploring how the programming surrounding Even Better Together continues to develop.

The conversation explored projects each artist is working on, discussing the potential levels of hierarchy that exist between participants, how these are played out throughout a long running programme, and to what extent these can be interrupted through a focus on making and visual practice. The discussion also reflected on the potential for meeting spaces within participatory settings that can allow for challenge and tension when asking questions or thinking collectively.

Produced for the conversation was a series of self-made booklets that bought together images from various elements of Even Better Together. Referenced throughout the conversation the booklets provided a prompt for discussing visually led approaches to articulating participatory programming that is ephemeral in its nature, often working in small group settings.

The transcript can be accessed here

This transcript forms part of Talk is Cheap, the research strand of Gasworks’ long running Even Better Together programme. Through research projects, commissions, residencies and specially convened conversations, Talk is Cheap is a space within the programme for critical reflection and practice-based research into Gasworks’ participatory programming.