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This one-day session considered ways in which art can be ‘a playground for things that cannot happen in another place or context’. Artist Albert Potrony continued his ongoing collaboration with Gasworks, working with residency artist André Guedes (Portugal) and a group of families who participate in the Even Better Together workshops regularly.

The starting point for this workshop was André Guedes' interest in transforming everyday situations and social interactions into fictional sets, newly identified contexts and altered narratives. In email exchanges leading up to the workshop, Guedes wrote about working with the possibilities of a 'space where something impossible in daily life can happen'. The group was invited to uncover different approaches to entering into a fictional stage set and explore how live art performances can be developed within this framework. Participants turned into performers and, developing a set of instructions for each other to perform, used handmade props to play with personal memory.

The links arising in these processes led to the group discussing Tamar Guimarães’ film piece The Work of the Spirit (Parade) (2011) and questioning the roles each performer fulfilled within this film (ballet dancer, pupil or performer; repetiteur, director or instructor). Working in the gallery space at Gasworks also enabled the participants to explore the environment of a gallery: is it a playground, a stage set or an everyday environment within the context of a visual art organisation?