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Gasworks’ intergenerational peer-group is composed of local families, residents living in nearby estates, emerging artists and Even Better Together project partner colleagues. Coming together to work collaboratively the group develops various projects, events and interventions.

Facilitated by Gasworks' Participation Programme and artist Albert Potrony, the peer-group explores various approaches to working within the local neighbourhood. Working together in this way aims to test and investigate notions of shared authorship and collaboration as members develop long-term projects.

Since its formation in July 2011 the group has created Gasworks' contribution to the daylong Embrace the Place event and developed a nine month project inspired by The Beaufoy Institute- a significant local landmark in Vauxhall.

The group continues to experiment with different approaches to developing dialogue and conversation between the group and the local neighbourhood in a series of actions and interventions working offsite. These have included working in the local Tesco supermarket, the area around the Vauxhall bus, underground and train interchange, the shoreline by Vauxhall Bridge, St Marks’ farmer’s market and while travelling on a series of bus local bus journeys.