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 Working with older residents living in Ashmole estate, London based artist Lucy Steggals devised and delivered this project inviting participants to experiment with notions of classification, reinterpretation and the often altered meanings that result when images are reconfigured.

Participants documented and recorded specific moments from their weekly routines, playing with different approaches of visually recording and categorising their local landscapes. Working with each other’s documentation and personal reflections, members then altered, distorted and reconfigured each others work, eventually creating hand made block cubes from selected images produced during the sessions. When manipulated, these block puzzles created another layer of alternative viewpoints of familiar images, allowing further reinterpretations and combinations.

In addition to working with Lucy Steggals members of the group also met with residency artists Mariana Caló and Francisco QueimadelaMariana Caló and Francisco Queimadela, visited Gasworks working in one of the studios on site, and met with Irene Kopelman who gave the group a tour of her exhibition.

Project team: Alice Brooke, Anna De Filippi and Louise Sunderland.