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As part of Gasworks' families programme Even Better Together artist Albert Potrony ran three days of free family arts workshops in Kennington Park Estate Community Centre. On each day, there were sessions both in the morning and in  the afternoon, exploring different ways of mapping and recording life on the estate. Children and adults of all generations worked together alongside volunteers and artists in an atmosphere of collaborative making.

Tuesday 28 October
10.30am - 12.30pm  and  2pm – 4pm

Families worked with Albert Potrony and volunteers, to map out the estate using a projector and an acetate of the estate plan. Working together, families transferred the plan onto a large sheet of paper which was continually added to throughout the week. On their own A4 maps of the estate they marked out the regular journeys they'd make to school or to the shops. As a group, they walked around the estate taking photos of found objects, such as rubber bands, leaves and a cotton bud. They collected the found objects in a bag and used them to make sun prints, using light sensitive paper to make silhouette prints of the objects. They marked where the objects were found on the large map. The photographs were made into 'wish you were here' postcards.

Thursday 30 October
10.30am - 12.30pm  and  2pm - 4pm

The following day, families looked at pictures of shop window adverts. Each person made three drawings of something they wished to have, and three drawings of something they wished to swap. As a family, they modelled one of their desired objects and one of the objects on offer in plasticine. We photographed the models and made cards with exchange messages as if to display in a shop window. “I would like to give away a scooter, it is a very nice scooter and well looked after”.

Saturday 1 November
10.30am - 12.30pm  and  2pm - 4pm

On the final day, families made a list as a group of what would be the rules of the estate if they were in charge. Looking at road signs their different meanings were considered, such as a red triangle meaning caution or a blue circle meaning permitted. From the list of rules, they chose one or two rules each, including “no jumping in puddles” and “every Tuesday you must have a cup of tea with your neighbour”. In small groups they performed the action of the rule and photographed it, meanwhile making sign outlines for our rules using cardboard stencils and coloured tape. From the printed photograph they made mono-prints of the performances, and concluded by cutting and sticking them to the back of the sign outline. The resulting signs are included in the design for the Even Better Together Billboard on display between 11 December 2008 and 18 January 2009.


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