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For these sessions, organised in partnership with St Stephen’s Children’s Centre, artist Albert Potrony collaborated with Gasworks' artists in residence David Bestué and Mateo López to lead workshops in an empty flat in the Bolney Meadows Estate, Vauxhall.

The flat provided a unique environment to explore the work of Spanish artist David Bestué whose film piece Actions at Home takes place in his Barcelona apartment. In the film Bestué records strange events unfolding - books flying off shelves, footballers leaving the TV screen and continuing their game in the living room and items of 'Ikea furniture talking dispassionately' to each other. Families used the flat as the setting for their own film, enacting similarly odd occurrences which included cupboard doors opening to reveal hiding monster’s hands and clocks with vanishing numbers.

Continuing to play with interiors and looking at rooms within rooms, families looked to their own bedrooms for inspiration, responding to Mateo López's practice. First drawing their bedrooms from memory and including every small detail, each family then used large pieces of cardboard to re-create the rooms. This focus on every aspect of the spaces reflected López's approach and his similarly meticulous attention to detail. By the end of the workshop, the lawn of the estate housed various interior spaces.

The 3 days of workshops concluded with families inventing methods to transform themselves into different creatures or objects inspired by David Bestué's film Proteus that depicts his own home made transformations. Playful combinations included pineapples becoming lions, a chest of drawers turning into a robot and a red London bus transforming into Big Ben.

Volunteer workshop assistants: Gemma Walker, Caroline D’ Souza, Elen Jones, Isis Mera and Cathryn McAnespy with AV support by James Marsden.