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This ongoing series of workshops working with families from St John the Divine, St Marks and Herbert Morrison primary schools continued with artist Abbie Hunt.

The day was a chance to see artworks made throughout three years of Even Better Together and explore techniques which highlight, translate, re-tell and describe the work in the exhibition, documenting the whole programme. This included looking at the large scale wall drawings and exploring the hand-made structure on which a series of films were projected onto and within, both of which were developed by a group of regular Even Better Together families in a previous curatorial workshop.

The group explored the exhibition playing memory games, labeling the exhibition with homemade paper stars and selecting small details to share with each other. The group also reflected on the experience of being present in a gallery environment and the gallery's physical space, finding small, hidden spaces around the corners and seeking out the spaces low down near the floor which are often missed during a gallery visit.

Finally, by building on work made in a previous workshop entitled Sweet Little Lies, families developed their own ideas inspired by other family participants. Working from a series of lies shown on a billboard outside the gallery, the group developed a series of short, spontaneous narratives to form a basis for collages using mixed media materials. These included:

Never, ever play games after dark. The sun will empty itself of light and then you will have to sit inside forever.

On my journey to France I realised that I can speak French. I enter a car and sneeze.

Even in the dark the square hippo tells of his paper journey.