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During February half term pupils from St Stephen's Primary School will take part in a short 4-day residency in Gasworks' Participation space.

Working with artist Emily Hawes, the group will explore performance, enactment and 'live-ness'. Taking its starting point as sourced online footage of a basketball match, the group will utilise drawing, discussion, sound and modes of performance such as method actor training and atomised movement, in order to form a collective re-worked and re-shaped enactment of the match. The re-enactment will take the form of rehearsals, performance score, live event and event document. 

In this fluid media space, images and sounds freely move across bodies and broadly speaking, the project aims to investigate how technology and its mediation within space, permeates and reconciles with generation z, the young viewer, the young user and the young body. The project responds to a need for live-ness, reflecting upon the ideas of French philosopher Alain Badiou and his writing in relation to truth, resistance and theatre. 

Entitled Reconstruction Event the project continues Hawes' investigation of using performance scores within her practice, and her interest in working with young people to expand the range of inputs into her research. The project is a collaboration between Gasworks and Pedro Lopes, Art Coordinator at St Stephen's Primary School.