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Pupils drawing from Jane Alexander's sculptures

Often the success of an exhibition is measured by the positive views of the art critic community, many of whom come to the exhibition with their own - sometimes hidden - agendas. What occasionally goes unnoticed or underrepresented is the response of the viewing public to the work as an indicator of accomplishment. The reviews of Unscene written by the 6th form students of Archbishop Tenison's School attest to the simultaneous complexity and potential of the work in this exhibition. Likewise, the reviews themselves demonstrate the level of intellectual capability of this next generation. The standard of the reviews, as you will see, was extremely high. There was a very strong engagement with the works in Unscene, but at the same time they demonstrated a good critical faculty, a feature often lacking from professional reviews! The scope of their arguments points to an impressive range of reading, a sign that disproves some recent stabs at the worth of our education system. These texts are a potent indicator of the power that contemporary art has to engage a young audience.

Craig Martin was joint curator of What We Call Progress at Gasworks