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Families joined artist Howard Matthew for the return of these open Saturday workshops, making their own art inspired by residency artist Csaba Nemes.

Hungarian artist Csaba Nemes’s practice explores the complexity of collective memory and of public reactions generated by simplistic political rhetoric. At Gasworks Nemes has been developing a short animation made of hand-drawn images based on photographs of a Gypsy settlement in the Hungarian town of Pécs. The work focuses on the closure of the town's mine after the fall of the communist regime.

Taking inspiration from Nemes's photo-realist images, workshop participants created their own photo realist paintings depicting a room at home where they spend time together. The paintings were then combined with video footage of each family miming an activity they do together, filmed using blue screen technology. Editing together the finished paintings and film footage, the final films incorporated both live action video of each family 'within' each painting of the different interior spaces.

Families also explored Nemes’ studio at Gasworks, seeing for themselves his work in progress.

Volunteer workshop assistants: Fiona Flynn, Marie Proffit, Kerry Clark, Victoria Pope, Caroline Moore, Lauren Parsley, Emily Dean, Anne Holm Petersen, Liz Warrington