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 Gasworks worked with students from Charles Edward Brooke School for Girls in this one-day workshop, forming part of the ongoing turbinegeneration programme.

The session presented different approaches to collaboration and developing inventive ways of communicating with students from all over the world. Pupils were challenged to devise creative methods for introducing themselves and saying hello by making a series of short films.

The group explored approaches employed by artists of using archive material to create alternative narratives to hidden histories. Looking at Tamar Guimarães' piece A Man Called Love (2008), pupils used personal photographs and documents to devise five minutes films, creating new narratives of their own experiences. All films are uploaded on the school’s pages within the turbinegeneration website, where participating schools and galleries working internationally can view them.

turbinegeneration is an international programme led by Tate Modern bringing together schools, galleries and artists from across the world in collaborative projects. Using the online resources at, schools and galleries can collaborate to explore different cultural contexts and share artwork online. Beyond the website, turbinegeneration is a unique platform for curators, artists and educators to explore various approaches to international collaboration and understand different methodologies in learning practices.

This workshop coincided with Kenyan artist and curator Thom Ogonga’s exchange visit to Gasworks. Ogonga, who is based at Kuona Trust in Nairobi, spent time researching different approaches to participatory programmes in London art organisations.



Kuona Trust