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'The Mysterious Beaufoy Trust' logo

Costumes and art work from 'The Mysterious Beaufoy Trust' project

This participatory event featured the exciting premiere of The Mysterious Beaufoy Trust, a film developed by the peer-group of Gasworks' Participation Programme Even Better Together.


The film visualises the research and ideas that developed over nine months of workshops, inspired by the former Beaufoy Institute, a significant landmark in Vauxhall. Through the course of the project, Even Better Together's peer-group imagined themselves as members of 'The Mysterious Beaufoy Trust' (MBT), a fictional group that occupied and managed the Beaufoy buildings. Playing with notions of ritual, mystery and secrecy, the film documents the MBT’s quirky and colourful ‘initiation ceremony’ performance.

The screening was accompanied by other artwork made during the workshops, including the initiation ceremony robes and the MBT's Constitution.  Attendees were also invited to engage in some of MBT's 'rituals', including the creation of secrets that belong to the Trust.


The project was facilitated by artist Albert Potrony.


More on the Even Better Together Peer-Group:


The Even Better Together Peer-Group is an intergenerational group involving local families and residents living in housing estates in the Vauxhall and Oval area. Other members include emerging artists and Even Better Together project partners. Working collaboratively, the group develops a variety of projects, events and interventions for and within the local community.