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Kathrin Attrill, Watergrass, 2022.

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Explore the sensory material of seaweed in a hands-on image making workshop led by visual artist Kathryn Attrill. Together participants will collectively handle different types of foraged seaweed to create personal photographic paper prints and 35mm image projections within the gallery space.

Focusing on sustainable methods of photochemical image making participants will celebrate the sensory healing experience of collective making. Harnessing the influence of light, we will explore photochemical plant reactions and capture UV light traces of the seaweed on the photo emulsion. The shared analogue images will then be projected in the gallery space to interpret the fictions which can emerge from sensory images, abstract shapes and found materials. 


Presented by RCA MA Curating Contemporary Art Postgraduate Projects 2022 in partnership with Gasworks, Between the Deep Blue responds to Juha Pekka Mathias Laakkonen's exhibition, Buoyancy. Between the Deep Blue is an invitation to question how we can transform past traumatic histories into new ways of living and healing through a series of ocean-linked workshops and events held in an immersive space.



Kathryn Attrill is a visual artist based in London. Attrill’s sculptural approach to moving image dismantles and re-assembles fragile filmic fragments within both digital and analogue practices. Her work is inspired by natural processes, human object relation, bodily affect and internal encounters.