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The Even Better Together programme of family workshops continued in August with families from St Stephens Children Centre and the One o’ Clock Club in Vauxhall park enjoying some fun and inventive workshops led by artist Albert Potrony. Working with Gasworks’ team of volunteers, each family made their own artworks responding to the exhibition 'Froebel Suite' by Aurélien Froment.

Wednesday 5 August 2009
In this first session the families focused on Froment's piece 'Cinemeccanica' (2009) a reconstructed projectionist's booth from behind the scenes of a cinema, that placed visitors in the position of the projectionist. Guided by Albert, each family made their own small and then large-scale viewfinders which they used to compare how the surrounding environment can change when experienced from different view points.

Firstly, the families made headpieces from cardboard boxes and tubes, which functioned as their small viewfinders. Using these, each group went out into the street and selected their 'view' to frame by marking the area with a coloured flag. Later the groups returned to these spots with scaled-up viewfinders and explored how differently everything looked through each of the extraordinary and interactive artworks.

Thursday 6 August 2009
Working outside with the One o’ Clock Club in Vauxhall Park, families created their own audio and visual guides to explore the sights and sounds of the park in summertime. At the beginning of the session families looked at how Froment had played with this in his film Théâtre de Poche (Pocket Theatre). In this work, the artist documents a magician performing card tricks and through this process of shuffling and dealing out cards, a series of images on the back of each are combined and then recombined randomly.

Taking inspiration from this method of producing chance combinations and associations, families played their own game of consequences by making drawings on folded paper that contributed to a chain of images. Families then set out into the park to create their own guides to Vauxhall Park. The visual and audible experience of the park was captured with sound pads to record birds squawking and dogs barking, while drawings, collages and rubbings where made from the scene. At the end of the day the audio guides were swapped among the group to experience each others personal experiences of the park.

Friday 7 August 2009?
The final day of workshops was another opportunity for families to think and work BIG! Taking inspiration from Froment’s interest in Werner Herzog's film Fitzcarraldo, the families looked at stills from the film, focusing especially on a scene where a steam ship is dragged up and over a mountainside.

Taking Vauxhall Park as the setting for their film, each family set about making their own giant structures which could later be used in a performance in the park. Each group started by thinking of the craziest things that they could build and made drawings and plans of their models. After the drawings had been discussed as a group, the families then moved outside to start constructing their giant houses, motorbikes, boats, cars, castles and rockets using cardboard boxes, tubes, coloured tapes and fabrics. The workshops finished with the filming of the objects making their maiden voyages through the lavender fields in Vauxhall Park.