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Talk is Cheap is the research strand of Gasworks’ long running Even Better Together programme encompassing research projects, commissions, residencies and specially convened conversations. It is a space within the programme for critical reflection and practice-based research into Gasworks’ participatory programming.

Talk is Cheap seeks to create visibility for the often hidden and invisible processes and rhythms within the programme by inviting different artist-led approaches that examine and articulate the shifting contexts that Gasworks’ participatory practice sits within, and the complexities and politics that surround this.

Informing Talk is Cheap is a durational focus to participatory programming that situates contemporary visual practice at the centre of a diverse range of long-term relationships which Gasworks has established over several years. Resulting from the long standing links present within Even Better Together is a wide network of local groups, organisations, schools, families, artists and local residents who participate in, and shape how the programme develops. Seeking to better understand existing links within this local network, create new connections, and build alliances the programme has more recently focused on initiating various meeting points between individuals within the network.

These meeting points include Gasworks’ intergenerational Peer-Group and the regular Multiple Voices forum that have both informed the short-term research projects that form Talk is Cheap. Central to this work is an exploration of the role that Gasworks plays within this network, and the ability of the programme to provide spaces for conversation, exchange, reflection and potential disagreement.

Talk is Cheap invites those within the network to be part of this critical reflection. Generating serious and rigorous research into participatory practice with Even Better Together participants is a fundamental to Talk is Cheap. This approach hopes to produce honest research into a practice that unfolds and develops through the momentum generated through interactions and exchanges between various individuals brought together through Even Better Together.


To date work within the Talk is Cheap strand of programming includes:


- An edited transcript of a conversation with artists Abigail Hunt and Albert Potrony with Gasworks' Participation programme Coordinator Katie Orr
- The I have no secretsI have no secrets booklet
- An edited transcript of a conversation with artists Sovay Berriman, Abigail Hunt, Matthew Krishanu, Albert Potrony, Lucy Steggals and Gasworks' Participation programme coordinator Katie Orr.
- Mysterious Language: A new commission by artist Albert Potrony