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Continuing the Even Better Together programme, Gasworks collaborated with year 8 pupils and their families at Charles Edward Brooke School for Girls.

Artist Howard Matthew led sessions exploring Hydrarchy: Power and Resistance at Sea. The workshops focused on The Short and the Long of it (v 1.0) (2010) by Uriel Orlow – a piece that explores the true story of fourteen international cargo ships caught in the outbreak of the Six-Day War between Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Syria.

Orlow’s work revisits how the multi-national crews on board dissolved their political and national allegiances and created their own social systems despite the context of international confrontation and conflict surrounding them. In this environment crew members devised various activities, including their own Olympic Games, while Mexico hosted the official games in 1968.
For the duration of the project, participants created their own temporary social system which focused on devising, developing and competing in their own Olympic competition - the Charles Edward Brooke Olympic Games.

Deciding on a ‘pupils versus adults’ contest, teams designed games using only those materials and furniture found in the school’s art room where the workshops took place, mirroring the limited materials the original crew members lived with. The games created included a giant maze/ ping-pong challenge, a secret object box guessing game and an electrified steady hand competition.

This series of workshops concluded with each team competing in the Charles Edward Brooke Olympic Games and the final medal presentations.