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 This project with Vauxhall, Ethelred, St Stephen's and Henry Fawcett Children's Centres was inspired by Gasworks' exhibition The Challengers Report by Argentinian artist Irene Kopelman, and devised and delivered by artist Matthew Krishanu.

During the workshops families were inspired by Kopelman's duel interests of looking at natural specimens kept in museum archives and her own voyages where she draws the natural world as she finds it for herself. Looking also at the historic Challenger expedition of 1872-76, a recent area of research for Kopelman, this cumulative and immersive project encouraged families to undertake their own fictional ‘voyages’ to new lands and environments.

Participants created provisions for their imaginary expeditions and recreated and the entire Challenger ship complete with sails, anchors, ship's wheel and life size paper lifeboats. Throughout the make-believe journeys participants also completed studies of plant, insect and animal specimens which were drawn in situ, or collected in glass jars to be catalogued and archived in museum collections for further study by artists and scientists in the future.

Discoveries made throughout the voyage were also recorded in The Challenger’s Report that will be archived at each Children’s Centre as a record of the families explorations.

Project team: Rebecca Adeyeye, Annie Bedford, Anna De Filippi, Matt Fleming, Joe Stevens, Louise Sunderland and Eleanor Wemyss.