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The Script-less Film Project was devised by Erika Tan in dialogue with Gasworks. Taking the  ‘script-less film’ as a means of approaching the medium of moving image from a position of indeterminacy, the students undertook a mini- residency in Gasworks, working collectively to generate material and approaches for the exhibition. 


In a space within a space a group of bodies create time. Both repetitive and inconsistent their performance responds to an idea of collectiveness in and out of the confinements of Gasworks. Their initiative is to reveal the mechanisms of collective making through shared authorship and shifting roles. Performers follow directions to contribute to the non-scripted scene.  With their own cameras however, they have the authority to create new frames and direct their own film within the 'film'.  The individual perspectives that are created in this manner deconstruct the hypothetical director's dictatorial gaze.  

Nothing is neutral in the process of making this 'film'. Instead it is dependent on a context of location, time and people. Shifting roles between being controlled and being in control allow for a contingency underlying the whole experience and therefore shapes the content.

A dialogue on collaboration prompts actions that re-define conventional boundaries of filmmaking, question the medium of film and the process of making. The exhibition reveals this dialogue as well as a group dynamic that developed through the temporary collective of twelve art students from Central Saint Martins BA Fine Art. 

Chi Bagtas, Kaewkanjana Chuenruetainaidhama, William Dalton, Gopes Gupta,  Mariella Hunt, Bence Magyarlaki, Mengge Qin, Meghan Sabik, Araks Sahakyan,  Jasper Soloff, Yiming Sun,  Yunyi Yuan. 

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