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Artist Albert Potrony devised and led a series of workshops exploring the interplay between fact and fiction with families from long time Even Better Together partners Herbert Morrison, St John the Divine and St Marks Primary schools.

The group experimented with approaches in creating fictional narratives from found images and objects, and reimagining scenes within photographs depicting different domestic interior spaces. Instead of deciphering their factual or historical context each person created new narratives based on their imaginations and interpretation.

Shifting the focus to the real and familiar each individual was then invited to make topographical drawings describing the objects and furniture in each of their homes. These mappings, which were accompanied by soundscapes, formed the basis of video works where participants reimagined their homes, the objects they have and fictional stories that could take place in each home.

Potrony is currently developing a new body of work focusing on the Cooperative housing movement of the 1970’s with its focus on alternative and collective approaches to affordable and sustainable living spaces. The sessions were an opportunity for Potrony to work with a group of local families to explore personal experiences of home, and the potential for different ways of home making.