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Over the past 18 months artist Matthew Krishanu has been working with Gasworks to develop a series of projects that investigate small acts of playing and creative exploration within everyday routines, situations and contexts.

A key focus for Krishanu is how young children experience and understand their environment, and how innately inquisitive, carefree and playful these explorations often are. Using this as a departure point, and his observations of children’s play with cardboard boxes, local families from Henry Fawcett Children’s Centre were invited to make sculptures that enabled different forms of motion, movement and performance.

With their focus of providing support and services for both parent and child Sure Start Children’s Centres offer a space where parents actively play with their children. Extending this Krishanu actively invited Centre staff and those working with Gasworks’ Participation programme to also embrace moments of play during the sessions together. This continued Krishanu’s interest in suggesting that play and creative exploration as acts open to all, and not just the very young where learning through play is acknowledged as fundamentally important for young children in their early, developmental years.

In response to the more performative elements within play Krishanu invited participants to join him in moments of collective play for the last 30 minutes of each session. These moments also responded to Gasworks’ Situation | Event programming that sought to provide a platform of art practices with an event-based, temporal, or performative focus.

Short video pieces dipicting these moments of play can be found here.