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This series of workshops led by artist Abigail Hunt working with families from Herbert Morrison, St John the Divine and St Marks Primary Schools sought to collectively explore different interpretations of rules, instructions, expectations, collective ways of thinking and manifestos.

The workshops were Hunt’s response to Gasworks’ exhibition Playing Truant by Libyan Italian artist Adelita Husni-Bey that sought to compare contemporary neo-liberal understandings of ‘free schools’ with past and present models of self-run or ‘anarchist’ education. Through activities that asked participants to consider the rules they are guided or governed by at home, work, in school or in the wider environment the workshops allowed for a space to honestly discuss and explore the role and possible benefits or limitations of the rules that underpin these contexts.

As part of this project Gasworks’ Participation Programme has commissioned Hunt to produce a visual response to the workshops. The final work will comprise a design for Gasworks’ external billboard and a small printed artwork distributed to the participating schools.