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 This ongoing series of workshops with families from St John the Divine, St Marks and Herbert Morrison primary schools continued with artist Matthew Krishanu. Exploring flight, metamorphosis and the depiction of place, participants created sculptural creatures that took flight over Kennington Park and Ashmole estates.

The workshops drew inspiration from the work of residency artist Sean Lynch (Ireland) whose practice often unearths long and complex narratives through research into marginalised characters, and overlooked local histories. This process of research often relies on narratives as articulated through the retelling of local myths and legends, where different versions of events unfold in an on-going process of storytelling.

In his video piece Peregrine Falcons Visit Moyross (2008) Lynch worked with residents living in Moyross estate on the outskirts of Limerick. The popular image of the estate as ‘down and out’ and suffering from high levels of public disorder largely resulted from oversimplified narratives articulated by the local press. Seeking narratives of the estate from within the locality Lynch worked with residents while preparing for the release of specially trained falcons that were fitted with miniature cameras. The video footage provided an alternative visuality of the estate, while the conversations and negotiations with residents during the period of the project provided a reflection of the estate that differed from the more usual versions of Moyross.

Workshop participants worked collectively to retell their own stories through drawing and created large-scale parachute drawings to explore bird’s flight lines. They also created their own mythic creatures inspired by make believe local legends that were then ‘released’ into the skies above two local estates.