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 For three consecutive days artist Albert Potrony explored notions of space, disaster and narrative with families supported by ATD Fourth World.

Working from the film Polly II by Anja Krishner and David Panos, showing in Gasworks' exhibition Hydrachy: Power and Resistance at Sea, families created a fictional film exploring various social and political issues which can result from natural or man made disasters. Through discussion on the effects of imagined disaster scenarios, the families explored what would happen to the inhabitants of a city if they were victims of a far-reaching event. Discussion also explored different roles within a social framework (including the police, politicians, journalists, scientists and so on) and how these roles can be affected by honesty or corruption, true investigation of events or rumor and deception.

After deciding a location and plot of the narrative, developing a storyboard and designating roles for each other, each person was photographed as their chosen character, outfitted in paper made props or costumes. Printed images of these portraits were then inserted within a small 3 dimensional film set built to illustrate the different disaster scenes of the plot, inspired by Melanie Jackson’s installation The Undesirables. Finally, voice-overs and dialogue were also recorded.

As part of the 3 days together the group also visited The Edges of the World by Ernesto Neto at the Hayward Gallery. This visit aimed to provide an opportunity for the families to engage with installation and space in a playful but considered experience. In response to the show, the group then transformed the outdoor space by the Hayward using post-it notes, plastic dustsheets, tinfoil, wool and string in this performative installation.

The film created by participants will be screened at a special private view later in the year.

Volunteer workshop assistants: Gabrielle Edlin, Gemma Walker and Debbie Herring