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Ella Frost, Soha Salem and Aisha Mirza, What you love too much to lose, film still, 2021.

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What you Love Too much to lose (2021) is a film by Ella Frost (editing), Soha Salem (research) and Aisha Mirza (sound design) built as a collage to explore ecological grief with a certain lightness, through the lens of a shark.

Personal and found footage questions how it feels to live through the mass extinction we are facing, giving a voice to ecological anxiety in a sad and sexy meditative atmosphere. The screening is followed by a craft and writing workshop to reflect on our relationship with sharks on a personal and human level.


Presented by RCA MA Curating Contemporary Art Postgraduate Projects 2022 in partnership with Gasworks, Between the Deep Blue responds to Juha Pekka Mathias Laakkonen's exhibition, BuoyancyBetween the Deep Blue is an invitation to question how we can transform past traumatic histories into new ways of living and healing through a series of ocean-linked workshops and events held in an immersive space.



Ella J. Frost is a video editor, amateur tattooist, community organiser and shark enthusiast in London interested in documenting truth, perception, the every day and the unseen. Ella is the founder of BFZ and works as a sexual health coordinator for the sexual health charity SASH.

Aisha Mirza is a musician, writer and founder of misery, a mental health collective and sober rave for QTIBPOC. 

Soha Salem is a multidisciplinary lover of all things nature and creatures. Soha enjoys making things with loved ones, birdwatching, and stopping people in their tracks to look at herbs growing out of pavement cracks.

Veronica (Vee) Amon is a researcher, maker and consultant, currently initiating research projects exploring time, cultural artefacts and sensuality, while working with and teaching first year Design students at LCC as a visiting practitioner.