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4 Oct – 20 Dec 21

Sarah Rose

Sarah Rose works across sculpture, sound and installation to engage in processes of translation, abstraction, and transformation. She is interested in what is … More

4 Oct – 20 Dec 21

Janaina Wagner

Janaina Wagner works across video, photography, scenography, drawing and installations. Her work aims to present a critical understanding of the ways in which … More

5 Jul – 20 Dec 21

Laima Leyton and Lexy Morvaridi

Participation artists in residence Laima Leyton and Lexy Morvaridi will be using a residency studio throughout the summer to work on InnerSwell. Developed … More

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12 Apr – 28 Jun 21

Mikel Escobales Castro

Mikel Escobales Castro’s work engages with experimentation around materials to create interconnections between … More

12 Apr – 28 Jun 21

Moad Musbahi

Moad Musbahi utilises exhibition making, video installation and writing to investigate migration as … More

12 Apr – 28 Jun 21

Gal Leshem

Gal Leshem has a socially engaged artistic practice which encompasses both studio based … More

5 Jul – 19 Sep 21

Lou Lou Sainsbury

Lou Lou Sainsbury works across film, performance, writing, textiles and sound. She identifies … More