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Alberto Tadiello, PWS 1200 IPC KH3116 (2008). Circular saws, cord, hooks, snaplinks, timer. Variable dimensions. Courtesy of T293, Naples.

Alberto Tadiello, EPROM (2008). Musical boxes, electric motors, voltage transformers, cables. 500 x 260 x 30 cm.

Courtesy of T293, Naples.

Alberto Tadiello, SHIFT (2008). Speakers, amplifier, sound mixer, cables, circuits, voltage transformers. Variable dimensions.

Courtesy of T293, Naples

The work of Alberto Tadiello challenges the boundaries between seemingly disconnected materials, disciplines, or phenomena by searching for their 'hidden' links. In many cases Tadiello's works are ephemeral, occuring in latent states waiting to be activated or resting dormant.

In PWS 1200 IPC KH3116 (2008) two circular saws, whose model number gives the title to the piece, are fixed to a gallery wall. A cable is attached to the each of the wheels of the tools and connected to the opposite wall. When switched on, the spinning of the saws makes the cables oscillate frantically, rendering visible the energy spent on the operation. When “off” the hanging cables retain the inherent tension of a pause before the next commotion.

In another recent piece Shift (2008) Tadiello takes a similar approach to demonstrate the invisible forces and potential energy held within the 'in-between spaces' of architecture. Using a seismometer, Tadiello measures the oscillations occurring within the spaces between walls, ceilings and floors of buildings. These measurements are converted into audio frequencies, externalising and making audible the hidden sound of the building. The high-pitch tone emitted by the machine sets the connecting cables that reach into the architectural structure into motion, creating a three-dimensional vibrating sculpture.

Alberto Tadiello is the seventh recipient of the Furla Award. He lives and works in Venice, Italy. Recent solo shows include 7 Premio Furla 2009, Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Venice (2009), Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory, T293, Naples (2008), and Viafarini-in-residence, Viafarini, Milan (2008). He has also taken part in numerous group exhibitions amongst which No Soul For Sale – A Festival of Independents, X Initiative, New York (2009), Science versus Fiction, Bétonsalon Centre d’art et de recherche, Paris (2009), T-Torino Triennale d’Arte Contemporanea, 50 lune di Saturno, Turin (2008), and Opera, Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, Venice (2008).

International Residency Programme presents Open Studio Weekend
Thursday 26 March 2010 - Sunday 28 March 2010

Preview: Thursday 25 March, 7-9pm

Cristóbal Lehyt, Priya Sen and Alberto Tadiello opened their studios to the public to show and discuss the development of their work during their stay in London.