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Alex Cecchetti / Liudvikas Buklys, I Giocatori, Performative game, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2012. Courtesy Alex Cecchetti

Alex Cecchetti, Seven Brothers, CAC Vilnius, Lithuania, 2012 

Alex Cecchetti, H Choreography for hidden nudes, CAC Vilnius, Lithuania, 2012

Alex Cecchetti lives and works in Paris. His work includes choreography, dance, sculpture, video, performance, and painting - investigating issues as diverse as the mediums in which they are made. Through the invention of protocols and distinct working methods, Cecchetti manipulates objects, ideas and language and uses them as basic materials for the construction of narratives in which processes emerge as much as accidents.


FRIDAY 19 – SUNDAY 21 JULY, 7-8pm

Cecchetti's residency is part of SITUATION|EVENT (SIT|EV), a 60-day programme exploring live, durational and participatory contemporary art practice, bringing audiences in direct contact with the process of art making as it unfolds. Visit the SIT|EV page for the full programme of events.