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Alicia Paz's work explores in a humorous way the illusory and subjective nature of representation, conveying a certain awareness of artifice. During her residency at Gasworks, Paz began a series of self-portraits, painted from photographs taken for this purpose. She has developed large, realistic paintings in which several versions of herself are displayed across the canvas. In these pieces she revisits themes that are present in her previous work such as double images, reflections, simultaneity of moods/states of mind as well as image reproduction. While her previous work used a toy bunny or a porcelain figurine as surrogate painter, she now uses herself as model/author. New strands thus intervene in her current process, synthesized through a notion of the body as an intertwining of vision and movement.

Since graduating from University of California in 1989, Alicia Paz has exhibited internationally in France, Mexico and Germany. She has recently studied at Goldsmiths College in South London.

Her paintings depict artifacts from the Western traditions of painting and minature ornaments, especially from the Rococo period. She makes bizarre and often humourous juxtapositions between classical imagery with motifs from non-Western culture such as African masks and photographs of native Americans.