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During a residency at Gasworks, Inti Hernandez will work collaboratively with Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre.

Inti's practice deals with the relationship between the aesthetic experience and the politics of life. His work explores issues around architecture and social/urban spaces as well as ideas of community engagement and social networks. Inti is interested in the links between private and public spaces through a poetic translation of private histories and identities into public ones.

Recently, in Havana, he reproduced the pattern of his bedroom floor onto street pavements, shop fronts, and other venues around the city, as a way of blurring boundaries between public and private experiences.

Ana Laura is concerned with social responsibility, citizenship, and the role of the artist within these structures. The use of media such as live events, the internet and publications, forms the core of her work and also represents her artistic product - the generation of spontaneous, prolific interaction that disturbs the fixity of conventional social boundaries. Recent works include a local history project with East London communities, devised for the Whitechapel Art Gallery and a writing commission for the Artists Newsletter where she documented Anna Best's "Away week end" for the [AN] staff.

Inti and Ana Laura will establish and develop links with the Latin American community, with whom they will be leading a series of workshops and forums aimed at raising issues on the community's relation to the local urban environment.

This project draws and builds upon the experience and interests of both artists in creating urban interventions and performances, developing constructive surveys and social networks, and ultimately, working within the local community to produce a platform for energetic collaboration and exchange.