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Carrying out an artistic abstraction of reality inevitably entails simplifying certain visual complexities in favour of other forms of complexity. In some ways one could say that the artist works in a way similar to that of a microbiologist who, starting out with a wide variety of organisms, tries to filter out their common structure on a cellular level.

Andreas Ribbung's painting has its origin in the inherent abstract qualities of details found in his surroundings. He allows the linear play of rooftops in cityscapes to approach a concretist expression. In other works he turns formless collections of toy animals into an expressive, colourful form of painting. By granting toy animals admittance into the high salon of painting he indicates a refreshingly relaxed attitude towards both the motif itself as well as the role of the artist. Ribbung's intent is not to focus upon an aesthetic controversy. He is not the type of artist who works conceptually with the ’low’ or ’base’ as ingredients in his creative process. Instead, one could say he is a mutated realist of sorts, who paints details from reality as they appear in close-up. What in fact fascinates him however, is not the object itself, but rather our visual understanding of it.

Text by Anders Olofsson, translation by Richard Griffith Carlsson