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Anjum Singh's work depends on the quotidian while rising beyond it. Through everyday symbols from Metropolitan India, Anjum dwells upon the idea of purity versus pollution, a binary upon which daily activities are divided....Through a vocabulary of symbols like the ubiquitous Cola bottle, text and advertising, Anjum expands her range of articulation, allowing her to cast an eye on the city as a human body, where inherent systems work to create purity from pollutants and assimilate what is fed from the outside.

Anjum also glances at her own processes as an arts practitioner: taking in ideas, working around them, oscillating between frustration and delight, producing art in the end. Working through to make these paintings and sculpture then becomes an indicator of her own negotiation with her creative self and the city she lives in.

Anjum Singh's residency was supported by the Charles Wallace India Trust.