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Ariadna Guiteras, Shapeless and All Shapes, 2018. Performance, 20 minutes. Costume by Alba Feito, glass vase, waterproof speaker, water. Performance documentation at SWAB, Barcelona. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Alba Ricart.

Ariadna Guiteras, atrevidas Hermanas, que en el tremendo castigo de desnudas les dio pardas membranas, 2018. Installation view (detail). Potatoes, test cables, crocodile clips, LEDs, play dough, batteries. Variable dimensions. Courtesy of the artist.

Ariadna Guiteras, Strata, 2017. Installation view. Solar panel, power bank, tablet, waterproof speaker, water tank, water, latex tube, soil, moss, pumice stone, humidifier. Courtesy of the artist.

Ariadna Guiteras, Tortuga, 2017. Performance, 6 hours. Performance documentation (video still). Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Lot Amorós.

Ariadna Guiteras’ practice spans performance, text, drawing and installation to investigate the boundaries of both human and non-human bodies and the relationships that bring them into being. Her recent work has explored the renaissance concept of the “porous body”, a medical theory that viewed skin as a porous boundary, easily pierced and difficult to protect. Imagined in the present tense, the term is expanded in Ariadna’s work to consider bodies that are vulnerably open and always in-relation-to, be it the environment, petroleum, soil, capital flows, data, solar energy or potato starch.

During her residency at Gasworks, Ariadna will conduct research into the boom in spiritualism in London towards the end of the 19th Century, specifically in the role that women played as mediums who acted as the main source of connection with the afterlife. Central to her research will be the body of the medium, its porousness as it hosted other people, and its queerness, as it could embody both female and male spirits.


Ariadna Guiteras lives and works in Barcelona. Recent solo exhibitions and performances include: De todas las formas y de ninguna, CentroCentro, Madrid; Healthy Gestures #beauty, A Performance Affair, Brussels; Atrevidas Hermanas, que en el tremendo castigo de desnudas les dio pardas membranas, Àngels Barcelona (all 2018); Strata, Sala Muncunill, Terrassa; Tortuga, Castell de Montjuïc, Barcelona (both 2017); and Gentle Bread, Chalton Gallery, London (2016). Recent group exhibitions include: Tocar el pueblo (with Lena Heubusch), Cuarto Espacio, Zaragoza; As if we could scrape the color off the iris and still see, Twin Gallery, Madrid (both 2018); La musea: how does she sounds and move?, Fundació Tàpies, Barcelona; Zoinks!, Sant Andreu Contemporani, Barcelona; and Creure en 10 coses impossibles abans d’esmorzar, H.AAC - Museu de l’Art de la Pell, Vic (all 2017).

Ariadna Guiteras’ residency is supported by Acción Cultural Espanola.